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  Welcome to the Congregation of God Seventh Day website. Here you will find information about our beliefs, holy days, and outreach programs. We invite you to join us.

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John A. Pinkston
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This week's sermon from the pulpit:
Thy Kingdom Come
Pray for God's government.
w/ Pastor John Pinkston
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John Pinkston's Hosea series of CD's prophetically tells of events that will shortly come to pass affecting the US, Judah, and other nations that make up the lost tribes of Israel.
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"Proving the Existence
of God and His Bible"
Few questions draw more contentious debate than whether God exists and whether the Bible is more than simply a collection of quaint fables. This booklet, Proving the Existence of God and His Bible, definitively answers both questions. If you have ever asked yourself these questions or if you have been asked these questions, this is a life-changing, clarifying “must read.”
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Free Publications
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Proving the Existence of God and His Bible  
The Ten Commandments
The Resurrections
The Truth About Tithing  The Hidden Truth About Marriage
Military Service and The Christian  The Truth About The Trinity
The Rapture The Origin of Easter
God's Mark: The Sabbath Day Satan's Destiny
The Real Christmas Story The Mystique of Trees
The Marriage Supper The Hidden Truth About Baptism
Jesus' Last Days Idolatry: America's Sin
God's Annual Holy Days for Christians The Lord's Supper and The New Testament Passover
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  For indepth commentary on todays headlines visit SPOTLIGHT ON THE NEWS.COM
Up to date news feeds, feature stories, and commentary from current events ripped from today's headlines.
Presented in the light of biblical prophesy.
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PO Box 2345, Kennesaw, GA 30156
Telephone (770) 427-4189
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